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Thrust, ZX Spectrum 48k

Thrust Details

Posted: 04/03/18

Updated: 05/05/18

Title: Thrust

Platform: ZX Spectrum 48k

Genre: Shooter

Publisher: Firebird

Year: 1983

Media Type: Cassette

Thrust Description

Control the ship by rotating left or right and pressing the thrust key to set the ships direction and search for the pods.

Pods are located inside the caverns or the surface of the planet.When you have located a pod, hover above it and press the M key to attach it to your ship using tractor beam.

Carefully transport the pod out of the cavern, and keep climbing away from the planet to complete each level.When collecting pods from the deeper caverns ensure you pick up the pick the fuel cells.

Thrust Screenshots

Screenshots of the ZX Spectrum 48k version of Thrust

How to play Thrust

If your looking for the real retro experience, the best way to play Thrust is to buy a used ZX Spectrum 48k from the sites below.

If you cannot afford a used ZX Spectrum 48k, you can always go down the emulator route.

Thrust Video

Thrust Cassette Covers

Cassette covers from the ZX Spectrum 48k version of Thrust

Thrust Other Screenshots

Selection of screenshots from other version of Thrust

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