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Krakout, ZX Spectrum 48k

Krakout Details

Posted: 04/03/18

Updated: 04/04/18

Title: Krakout

Platform: ZX Spectrum 48k

Genre: Puzzle

Publisher: Gremlin

Year: 1987

Media Type: Cassette

Krakout Description

Move your bat up and down to make contact with the ball. Destroy all the blocks to complete each level.

Some blocks rollover to reveal special bonuses, for example Glue, Ball sticks to the bat, Expand provides you with a bigger bat, Double fires two balls at once.

How To PlayKrakout

If you own this game and would like to play this in an emulator, please use the following keys.
You can also redefine the keys for the game.

Up = P
Down = L
Launch Ball = Space Bar

Krakout Screenshots

Screenshots of the ZX Spectrum 48k version of Krakout

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Cassette covers from the ZX Spectrum 48k version of Krakout

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